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All systems go at ICSB 2014 and the Great GigaScience and Galaxy (G3) workshop

- September 24, 2014

The 2014 International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB) was hosted in Australia’s most livable city and event, sport, culture and food capital – that is Melbourne, with GigaScience being proud to be one of the media partners. Stem cell biology was a major theme on the first day, and kicked off to a strong start […]

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Guest posting: Optical Mapping allows comprehensiveness and scalability that modern sequencing cannot provide

- July 21, 2014

Shedding light on what the Optical Mapping System can provide for genome analysis, here we present a guest posting from optical mapping pioneer and developer (and GigaScience Editorial Board Member), David C. Schwartz, who is a Professor of Chemistry and Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Taking the Google Maps approach: providing comprehensive, scalable worldviews […]

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New paper in GigaScience: sequencing and the single-cell

- August 16, 2012

Single Cell Sequencing

The precipitous drop in the price of next generation sequencing coupled with its increasing sensitivity has opened up whole new areas of research, one of the most interesting in recent years being the advent of single-cell sequencing. Combining advances in flow-sorting of cells, whole genome amplification and the latest sequencing technologies is now allowing researchers […]

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