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Guest Blog: Mind the Zika Data Gap.

- February 15, 2016

Following his previous insight into the Ebola epidemic, we have another data oriented guest posting from Michael Dean, this time pooling together various available data to present a non-specialist view of the Zika crisis.

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A firsthand perspective of trialling mobile DNA sequencing

- March 27, 2015

Sam Minot from Signature Science, LLC and Andy Kilianski from the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center are part of a team that has been trialling a new palm-sized DNA sequencer to test whether it can characterize viruses and bacteria. Their findings, published in GigaScience, suggest the device could have potential for disease diagnosis in the field.

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Guest Blog: The Ebola Epidemic revisited – where are we in 2015?

- January 15, 2015

Following from his guest blog in October on “Approaches and resources to slow the spread of infection”, Michael Dean from the Center of Cancer Research at the NIH uses his data oriented approach to give an update of where the Ebola epidemic is. While there may be less media coverage (apart from in the UK), this doesn’t relate to the […]

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Guest Blog: The 2014 Ebola Epidemic: Approaches and resources to slow the spread of infection

- October 27, 2014

The Ebola pandemic presents one of the most terrifying world health crises in modern times, with devastating consequences in Western Africa [as this goes to press there are now over 10,000 infections and almost 5,000 deaths]. There is a vast amount of data on this crisis available in rapidly published articles and on the internet […]

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Save the trees. Play facebook games.

- August 13, 2013

Gamers to join ash dieback fight-back Next time you sit next to someone on the train playing a game on their smartphone don’t be too dismissive. They may be harnessing the most state of the art genomics technology in the fight to save Northern Europe’s woodlands from destruction. We are obviously not talking about Candy […]

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Open Science versus Ash Dieback (and the Tweenome revisited)

- February 13, 2013

Bye Bye Bluebells Bluebell woods, the dense carpets of violet–blue flowers found in ancient woodland are a spectacular and famous springtime sight in Britain, but this picture postcard scene is threatened as never before. Chalara fraxinea or ash dieback, a devastating fungal disease of ash trees has swept across northern Europe, and has now reached […]

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