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How Giardia feeds on ready meals from the gut – Author Q&A with Kevin Tyler

- January 29, 2018

Giardia, a protozoan parasite which people typically pick up through drinking infected water or contaminated food, can cause diarrhoea and stomach pains. New research published today in GigaScience, with supporting data in GigaDB, provides insights into the mechanisms that cause the symptoms of giardiasis. Currently more than 200,000 people are ill with giardiasis and there are […]

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Getting the Buzz on Bee Parasites. Author Q&A with Tatsuhiko Kadowaki

- February 24, 2017

The decline of global honeybee populations are a major environment concern, because of their vital role in our food systems and pollination of flowering plants. Twenty first century ‘Omics is coming to the rescue, and published in GigaScience this week is an article that presents the genome and proteome of a mahor threat to bee […]

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Faster, Dataset! Kill! Kill!

- June 7, 2013

The speed of data Last week was the Bio-IT World Asia meeting in Singapore, and while we didn’t attend this year (see last years conference report in Genome Biology), our editorial board member Tin-Lap Lee presented on the GigaGalaxy server that we have been collaborating with him on (see slides). Also timed for the meeting, […]

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The State of the Curation Nation

- April 3, 2012

Biocuration nation

Of the of the many issues needing addressing in this era of the so-called “data deluge” (apologies genomics bingo), on top of the well documented difficulties in computing power, bandwidth and storage keeping pace with data production, less attention has been paid on the efforts required to present and package this biological information to users. […]

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HUPO 2011: lessons for Proteomics from the Genomics Tsunami

- September 13, 2011

Our whistlestop summer conference tour circumnavigating the globe has come to a jetlagged end, with the final conference being last weeks HUPO (Human Proteomics Organisation) congress in Geneva. With it being the 10th anniversary meeting it was a good opportunity to look back on how Proteomics has progressed over the past decade, from it’s early […]

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