Papers, papers, papers

After last months website launch, and work progressing on our associated GigaScience database (including the addition of further datasets, such as the recently published Chinese Hamster Ovary cell-line genome) our next priority is the more traditional job of an editor: papers, papers papers. The journal has had some great feedback on twitter, on many blogs, and also a nice feature in this months Bio-IT World, so we are now following up this up by talking to various relevant communities at conferences, and encouraging authors to submit to the journal.

As part of our promotional efforts and thanks to generous support from the BGI, we are waiving the open
access article-processing charge for all manuscripts published by GigaScience during our first year. 
We hope many of you will take advantage of this opportunity, and (pending peer-review) we are particularly looking to highlight articles dealing with data-types that may not be as well served with repositories or standard formats as the established genomics community in our first issues. Please contact us ( with any ideas for reviews or commentaries discussing these and other issues to do with data.

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