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Hans Zauner

Many years ago, Hans did research in evolutionary and developmental biology. He clipped fish fins and handled a laser beam to shoot at reproductive organs of worms. Now in safe distance from any lab bench, he works on various science communication projects.

#FORCE2017 in Berlin: “Changing the Culture”

- October 31, 2017

Over 200 participants spent three eventful days in Berlin last week to discuss ideas, ongoing projects and future developments around Open Science. As an appropriate location to demonstrate the benefits of breaking down barriers, the motto of FORCE2017 was “Changing the culture”. While most of the GigaScience team was in Shenzhen for ICG, Hans Zauner […]

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Open Science is FAIRly easy

- October 19, 2017

Following FAIR principles is good for your colleagues, it’s good for the community, and it’s good for science. But what’s in it for the researcher, in return for committing to open science? A new commentary in GigaScience shows: A lot. It’s easy to see how doing science in a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reproducible) […]

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The genome of a shape shifting butterfly

- May 10, 2017

: William H. Piel and Antónia Monteiro

A high coverage, high quality genome sequence of the butterfly Bicyclus anynana is published today in GigaScience. B. anynana, the squinting bush brown, is a fascinating model species that can modify its morphology in response to environmental clues. The 475 Mb genome assembly, achieved by combining traditional Illumina and long read PacBio data, encodes 22,642 […]

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ShoRtcut from bioRxiv to GigaScience

- March 23, 2017

Authors can now submit their bioRxiv preprints directly to GigaScience via the biorXiv platform, at the push of a button. This handy technical integration is another hallmark of biology preprints becoming a normal, accepted, and speedy way of communicating research results. Pre-prints, versions of a scholarly paper that precede formal publication in a peer-reviewed journal […]

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Apple 2.0. A delicious genome.

- August 10, 2016

Apple, public domain (US Dep. of agriculture)

The latest apple launch event is not for a new mobile phone or tablet, but in this case a new, much improved reference genome. Just published is a new “long-read” golden delicious genome, and Hans Zauner (the latest addition to the GigaScience team) explains why it is important.

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