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GigaScience Wins 2018 PROSE Award for Innovation in Publishing

- May 4, 2018

GigaScience Prose Award

We at GigaScience are pleased to have won the 2018 the PROSE Award for Innovation in Journal Publishing¬†in the multidisciplinary category, as innovation has been a key element in our goal to change how scientific publishing is done. The Association of American Publishers (AAP) has been giving awards for 42 years to recognize distinguished professional […]

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ShoRtcut from bioRxiv to GigaScience

- March 23, 2017

Authors can now submit their bioRxiv preprints directly to GigaScience via the biorXiv platform, at the push of a button. This handy technical integration is another hallmark of biology preprints becoming a normal, accepted, and speedy way of communicating research results. Pre-prints, versions of a scholarly paper that precede formal publication in a peer-reviewed journal […]

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The lowest common denominator: marketing science with jIF

- July 8, 2016

Our Editor in Chief Laurie Goodman gives her thoughts on the journal impact factor (jIF), and how we need to move beyond shallow, untransparent, gameable, out-of-date proxies that promote bad scientific practices.

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