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Peter Li

Data Organisation Manager, GigaScience

CUDDELing up to metabolomics in Hong Kong

- January 22, 2018

As mentioned in our Happy New Year blog post, one of the highlights in 2017 was a second GigaScience hackathon workshop which we held in November last year in our Hong Kong BGI office. Funding for this workshop came from a project we have called CUDDEL which was awarded a grant by the BBSRC from their China […]

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Giga-Galaxy moves into the metabolomics universe

- May 3, 2013

  Sophisticated computational analyses must be performed on metabolomics data in order to measure the abundances of the metabolites. However, this typically requires expert knowledge in computer programming and biostatistics, restricting the usefulness of metabolomics to specialised laboratories. Thanks to funding from the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council, this project will develop a software platform […]

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