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Guest posting: Conda as a new standard for Galaxy tool dependencies

- September 20, 2016

The Galaxy community is one that shares similar reproducibility goals with GigaScience, having a computational platform that allows users to share workflows, histories and wrapped computational tools in an easy-to-use and open source interface. Björn Grüning and The Intergalactic Utilities Commission of Galaxy have a guest posting here to announce new changes that will make development and presentation of tools and pipelines through Galaxy even more reproducible and usable.

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Q&A with Xin Zhou, author of our insect “squishome” paper.

- April 2, 2013

Following from our previous blog posting, here we profile and interview Dr Xin Zhou, lead author of our recent “squishome” insect goo metabarcoding paper. This NGS (next generation sequencing)-based work has already generated a lot of interest (see this write-up in Wired and this blog posting for nice examples), and here Dr Zhou gives more […]

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Enabling bioinformatics tools to smoke the peace pipe together

- August 6, 2012

Scientific workflow software such as Taverna, Knime and Pipeline Pilot can overcome interoperability issues relating to the access of tools and data format conversions. Such tasks are automatically handled by the data processing pipeline during its enactment by the workflow software. Galaxy is another workflow system, and its annual conference was held last month at […]

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