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Guest posting: Conda as a new standard for Galaxy tool dependencies

- September 20, 2016

The Galaxy community is one that shares similar reproducibility goals with GigaScience, having a computational platform that allows users to share workflows, histories and wrapped computational tools in an easy-to-use and open source interface. Björn Grüning and The Intergalactic Utilities Commission of Galaxy have a guest posting here to announce new changes that will make development and presentation of tools and pipelines through Galaxy even more reproducible and usable.

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Q&A with Xin Zhou, author of our insect “squishome” paper.

- April 2, 2013

Q&A with Xin Zhou, author of our insect “squishome” paper, talking high-throughput metabarcoding of bulk arthropod samples.

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Enabling bioinformatics tools to smoke the peace pipe together

- August 6, 2012

Write-up by Peter Li of the Galaxy Community Conference in Chicago, also giving an overview of the many worklow management systems in play

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