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Vectors of data awards: acknowledging the entire data sharing food web

- February 4, 2022

We are pleased to see the 2022 Junior Research Parasite Award go to Jack Pilgrim for his work published last year in GigaScience, so here we highlight the ecosystem of awards acknowledging different parts of the research cycle.

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COVID-19 Data-Sharing Hero Wins GigaScience Prize

- November 11, 2020

ICG-15 Prize

Prof Zhang Yongzhen is winner the 2020 ICG-15 GigaScience Prize for Outstanding Data Sharing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Last month was the 10th year we’ve attended our co-publisher BGI’s annual ICG (International Conference on Genomics) gathering, and the 3rd time we have presented a prize at the meeting.

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Bioinformatics, Birthdays, and Booze at Boston BOSC.

- July 17, 2014

Bioinformatics, Birthdays, and Booze at Boston BOSC: a write-up of BOSC2014 and the BMC Open Data Award for Assemblathon2 paper

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