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Having a finger on the pulse of data citation

- February 28, 2014

Endorsing data citation at the Data Citation Principles workshop at the IDCC meeting in San Francisco and new data and functionality in GigaDB

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Adventures in Data Citation: sorghum as a standard for data release

- May 11, 2012

Adventures in Data Citation

A correspondence we have contributed to has just been published in the BMC Research Notes “Data standardization, sharing and publication series” on the adventures in data-citation and data-release practices surrounding the Sorghum genome that is available in our GigaDB database and that was published last year in Genome Biology. We use Sorghum as an example […]

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Data Citation Enters the (year of the) Dragon

- January 23, 2012

As we enter the year of the dragon lots of updates and news on how Data Citation is growing as a movement, with meetings and journal uptake.

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Data Citation December

- December 23, 2011

More on DataCite, Data Citation standards, and the International Digital Curation Conference (IDCC) in Bristol

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