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Authorship Down. Tackling Misguided Incentives.

- January 14, 2019

Appropriate authorship

Assuring Appropriate Authorship. In our day-to-day work at GigaScience many of the most common and reoccurring problems we keep encountering relate to appropriate authorship. In this “publish or perish” world of science, getting authorship right is of course important. There are many issues that underlie the appropriateness of authorship, but fortunately there are internationally recognised […]

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GigaScience Gets a Service. What’s new in GigaDB?

- November 26, 2015

After a solid year of behind-the-scenes efforts, the latest version of our GigaDB database rolled out last month. While superficially it may not look that different, a lot has changed under the hood. To explain more our Lead Curator Chris Hunter talks through some of the main feature changes.

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#peerrevwk15 News: Crediting our Amazing Reviewers with DOIs

- October 1, 2015

For Peer Review Week 2015 #peerrevwk15 we have an announcement on crediting our Amazing Reviewers with DOIs

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Open Data Publishing Goes New Zealand: A Cross Posting For Creative Commons Aotearoa

- February 10, 2015

NZ Commons logo

Our New Zealand based Editor Nicole Nogoy was asked by Creative Commons Aotearoa to write a guest blog on open licensing from a Kiwi perspective

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Publish Data: Fight World Hunger

- May 29, 2014

3000 Rice Genome Sequences from the Rice3K project making up 13.4TB of data are being made publicly available on World Hunger Day

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The Early Earthworm Catches on to Full Data Release

- May 19, 2014

New research and data published in both GigaScience and PLOS ONE provides complete open access to detailed microCT 3D images of earthworms

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The Latest Weapon in Publishing Data: the Polar Bear

- May 14, 2014

The Latest Weapon in Publishing Data is the Polar Bear genome, demonstrating that data citation is possible by the big publishers such as Cell Press

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The difficulties sharing neuroscience data: can data publishing help?

- May 9, 2013

The difficulties sharing neuroscience data, and demonstrating data publishing can help address the credit issue to fill the data gaps

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New in GigaScience: the Squishome

- March 27, 2013

Presenting a new “squishomics” approach for understanding biodiversity, using DNA-soup made from crushed-up insects and the latest sequencing technology

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First methylated nematode genome and other new datasets in GigaDB

- October 17, 2012

Methylated nematode

The worm that turned (epigenetics) GigaDB, GigaScience’s associated database, has had a number of new datasets just added, many for data types previously not hosted. Today marks the publication of new research in our sister BMC journal Genome Biology shaking up the epigenetics field by shattering the assumption that DNA methylation is absent in nematodes. […]

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