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CRISPR-based Epigenome Editing: Author Q&A with Alun Luo

- April 24, 2018

Alun Luo presenting at KI HK

The CRISPR/Cas9 system has opened new horizons in what can be done with genome editing. Here we present an author Q&A with Alun Yonglun Luo discussing his new paper in GigaScience moving this technology towards epigenome editing and testing its efficacy and accuracy. Modulating Methylation: Epigenome Editing With our scope focussing the “biological big data” […]

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Guest posting: Optical Mapping allows comprehensiveness and scalability that modern sequencing cannot provide

- July 21, 2014

Shedding light on what the Optical Mapping System can provide for genome analysis, here we present a guest posting from optical mapping pioneer and developer (and GigaScience Editorial Board Member), David C. Schwartz, who is a Professor of Chemistry and Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Taking the Google Maps approach: providing comprehensive, scalable worldviews […]

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Open Data For The Win!

- October 2, 2013

Depositing data in GigaDB helps authors win BMC Open Data Award by boosting confidence in unexpected research findings Last night at the Beyond the Genome conference in San Francisco, researchers were presented with this year’s BioMed Central Open Data Award for their work demonstrating that DNA methylation occurs in the parasitic worm Trichinella spiralis, a […]

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First methylated nematode genome and other new datasets in GigaDB

- October 17, 2012

Methylated nematode

The worm that turned (epigenetics) GigaDB, GigaScience’s associated database, has had a number of new datasets just added, many for data types previously not hosted. Today marks the publication of new research in our sister BMC journal Genome Biology shaking up the epigenetics field by shattering the assumption that DNA methylation is absent in nematodes. […]

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Shanghai (Epigenomics) Surprise

- April 30, 2012

With genetics and genomics being complicated enough, epigenomics adds even more layers of control and regulation of gene expression, and high-throughput global analyses of epigenetic changes further add to the reams of biological information many people are already referring to as the "data-deluge".  As the field is a key part of our “big-data” scope, the […]

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