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A Decade of FAIR – and what next? Q&A on FAIR workflows with the Netherlands X-omics Initiative

- January 14, 2024

FAIR workflows

Marking the 10th anniversary of the formulation of the FAIR principles, we have one of our GigaBlog Q&A’s with Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen, Alain van Gool, Anna Niehues and Casper de Visser from the Netherlands X-omics Initiative and Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, authors of a new paper on publishing FAIR workflows. Giving us their […]

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Software Citation Comes of Age

- June 22, 2021

Following the publication of a new software citation guide we explain more the practicalities and importance of citing research software.

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#FORCE2017 in Berlin: “Changing the Culture”

- October 31, 2017

Write up by Hans Zauner of three eventful days in Berlin last week for FORCE2017 discuss ideas, ongoing projects and future developments around Open Science

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