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Guardians of the Galaxy Workflow

- April 28, 2017

While the Guardians of the Galaxy film franchise has just released its second film, the GigaScience Galaxy series has just published its 10th, 11th and 12th papers. And all without the need of expensive CGI, although we do have our GigaGalaxy server on standby for additional computational support. For those not part of their large […]

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Guest posting: Conda as a new standard for Galaxy tool dependencies

- September 20, 2016

The Galaxy community is one that shares similar reproducibility goals with GigaScience, having a computational platform that allows users to share workflows, histories and wrapped computational tools in an easy-to-use and open source interface. Björn Grüning and The Intergalactic Utilities Commission of Galaxy have a guest posting here to announce new changes that will make development and presentation of tools and pipelines through Galaxy even more reproducible and usable.

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More on our ISMB workshop: What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF

- August 9, 2013

Big Data Publishing (credit Jenny Cham, CC-BY) As mentioned in our previous posting, on top of the many great talks and sessions we attended at ISMB in Berlin last month, we were kept even busy helping to organize and present in a special Beyond-the-PDF inspired “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the […]

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GigaBirthday at ISMB

- July 19, 2013

GigaScience reaches its first anniversary of publication, and achieves several milestones in changing how life science research is published One year on from our launch, we are unveiling new features and functionality at the Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) meeting at the ICC in Berlin (pictured) this week. As well as a print issue […]

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