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Peer Review Week 2021: Preprints Meet Open Peer Review

- September 24, 2021

Identity in Peer Review

Identity in Peer Review is the theme of Peer Review Week 2021, and GigaScience Press have a number of new collaborations and integrations embracing this.

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New beginnings during a pandemic – the COVID year in review

- December 17, 2020

Looking back at this unusual year, we are happy to report that GigaScience not only kept going under difficult circumstances, publishing outstanding examples of Big Data science and introducing innovations in the review process. We also opened a new chapter with the launch of a sister journal, GigaByte .

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Preprint.Space, The Final Frontier

- May 24, 2018

Preprint.Space logo

Open Science Trek, The Next Integration Fostering and promoting more open and transparent science is one of the goals of GigaScience, and to do this we have been big promoters of open peer review as well as preprints servers. Combining both of these, Academic Karma was the one of the first platforms to focus on […]

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#peerrevwk15 News: Crediting our Amazing Reviewers with DOIs

- October 1, 2015

That Was The Review Week That Was If you’ve seen the #peerrevwk15 hashtag on social media, you may have noticed this week is the first ever Peer Review Week. Like Open Access Week in a few weeks time (watch this space for some events we’ll be participating in) this is a great opportunity to throw […]

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Continuing the push beyond static documents. ISMB, and more on our “What Bioinformaticians need to know about digital publishing beyond the PDF2” workshop

- July 31, 2014

Boston 2014: More than a (Bioinformatics) Feeling Following from our previous posting on BOSC, our birthday and the BMC Open Data award party in Boston, on top of having to dash between the many great talks and sessions at ISMB, we were kept even busier than usual helping to organize and present in a special […]

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GigaScience – making open peer review more open: Q&A with Publons co-founder, Andrew Preston

- July 3, 2014

Andrew Preston publons

At GigaScience, one of our major goals is to improve transparency and reproducibility of research and one of the ways we do this is through open peer review. After the unusual “meta peer review” of our Assemblathon2 paper (see more in biome), we thought our peer review couldn’t get more open, but a small New […]

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Genome assembly in the spotlight

- July 25, 2013

Biggest ever contest to put genome assemblers through their paces If you haven’t caught it yet, the largest systematic assessment the process of genome assembly carried out to date has been published this week in GigaScience. The second Assemblathon competition saw 21 teams submit 43 entries based on data from three different unassembled parrot, cichlid […]

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Opening peer-review: our new paper on SOAPdenovo2 shows how it works

- December 27, 2012

With everyone in a reflective mood as the year comes to a close, one of the big scientific trends of 2012 has obviously been the high profile that open-access and more open methods of carrying out science has received. With the Elsevier boycott, UK Finch report, and launch of a number of innovative new schemes […]

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