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GigaMetabolomics Strikes Again: More BYO Data Parties and a Thematic Series

- March 13, 2016

The genomics community has been held up as an exemplar in data sharing practices since the human genome project, but the metabolomics community is catching up fast, with the Metabolights database being the fast growing repository at the EBI. In this light, GigaScience has been actively involved in reaching out and engaging with the metabolomics […]

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Guest posting: Let’s crowdfund a fern genome that will blow your mind

- June 16, 2014

Following our efforts encouraging open-science projects, such as the community funded “Peoples Parrot” and OpenAshDieback, today we have a guest posting from Fay-Wei Li and Kathleen Pryer from the Department of Biology at Duke University covering a crowdfunding effort to sequence the Azolla genome.  They have already raised over $4,000 and have 25 days remaining until […]

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Publish Data: Fight World Hunger

- May 29, 2014

3000 Rice Genome Sequences Made Publicly Available on World Hunger Day Yesterday marked the publication in GigaScience of the first data from the 3,000 Rice Genomes Project, a collaboration between the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS), the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), and BGI; as well as a commentary from the Directors of these […]

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