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The Complexities of Modern Plant Phenomics: A Guest Blog by our Plant Phenomics Series Guest Editors

- June 7, 2016

Here, four enthusiastic Guest Editors (Rubén Rellán Álvarez, Guillaume Lobet, Malia Gehan and Srikant Srinivasan) of our “Plant Phenomics: Data Integration & Analysis” series, have got together and share their insights on the current status of Plant Phenomics research.

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Guest Posting: Help Crowdfund the “Community Cactus”

- March 13, 2015

Peng Jiang and Hui Guo from the University of Georgia provide a guest post covering their crowdfunding efforts to sequence the first cactus genome.

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Uncovering the tangled roots of plant evolution

- October 29, 2014

Using big data to understand the tree of life New work just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and GigaScience reveals important details about key transitions in the evolution of plant life on our planet, and present a huge cache of computational results, data and tools for plant biologists. In closing […]

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Guest posting: Let’s crowdfund a fern genome that will blow your mind

- June 16, 2014

Following our efforts encouraging open-science projects, such as the community funded “Peoples Parrot” and OpenAshDieback, today we have a guest posting from Fay-Wei Li and Kathleen Pryer from the Department of Biology at Duke University covering a crowdfunding effort to sequence the Azolla genome.  They have already raised over $4,000 and have 25 days remaining until […]

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